Next stepsΒΆ

This page marks the end of the tutorial. However, there are more sections to explore, including:

  • Features to discover about the features of resistics, including configuration parameters and more details about all of the statistics available in resistics.

  • Formats to find out more about the different formats resistics supports and how users can ensure that data is being read in correctly.

  • Advanced to learn more about pre-processing of time series data, remote reference statistics and processing and intersite processing.

  • Cookbook for examples of lower level resistics API usage.

  • Case studies to see how resistics can be used to process field surveys.

  • Bibliography to find useful magnetotelluric references.

  • Contact for queries or support requests.

  • Donate if you are so inclined.

If you would like to contribute to this site, for example in the cookbook or in the case studies or by joining the coding team, please get in contact.

Thanks and good luck!