API reference

Resistics is made up of a number of sub packages that deal with different functions or data types, such as time data, frequency data, statistic data and more. Detailed information about each can be found in the relevant sections.

For most users, the API functionality of interest will be in project, which holds methods for interacting with resistics projects.


Methods and classes in spectra deal with calculating fourier spectra, frequency data reading and writing and spectra data objects.

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statistics provides functionality for calculating local site and remote reference statistics, statistic reading and writing and statistic data objects.

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mask data in resistics is used to remove windows from further processing. It provides classes for taking in statistic data together with constraints and finding the windows which fail the constraints.

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Methods and classes in transfunc deal with the input and output of transfer function data and provide data objects for transfer function data.

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site provides methods for interacting with site data.

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