There are several ways to get in contact. For issues and feature requests, please use the GitHub repository so that other users can see any ongoing issues. If you are interested in helping with development of new features and developing, please email. For confidential support or consultancy, please email.

GitHub repository

To submit feature requests, please do so on the resistics GitHub issue tracker and select the label ‘enhancement’.

To report bugs, please visit the GitHub issue tracker and select the label ‘bug’.

For help, the best place is again to use the GitHub issue tracker and submit a new issue with the label ‘help wanted’. This is the preferred method of requesting help, as it keeps the information available for other users in the future.


For general requests, use the project email address:


There is a slack channel for those interested in helping with development. Please email for further details.

Support and consultancy

If anyone has some challenging magnetotelluric data to process, please get in contact. A challenge is always welcome. Depending on the scale and use of the data, some fees/funding for the project may be required.