This section introduces some of the more advanced features of resistics. These advanced processing methods still use the high-level resistics API. Examples of using lower level APIs can be seen in the Cookbook. For data reading, the low level API is outlined in time series data. To read in various calibration file formats, see calibration data.

More detail is given about the advanced processing methods below and in the corresponding subsections.


There are several use cases requiring pre-processing of time series data. Common ones include scaling of channel data, resampling of time series data, interpolating time data on to the second and others. In the project environment, these are managed by the preProcess() method of the time module.

Remote reference processing

Remote reference processing is no longer an advanced method. However, the example included in this section demonstrates inter-operability of different data formats, remote reference processing, remote reference statistics and more, which are all discussed in further detail in the given links.

Intersite processing

Intersite processing can be useful in certain cases. For more details on intersite processing and why this is useful, see the paper,

John F. Hermance, Richard E. Thayer
Volume 40 Issue 4
Pages 664-668

and more recently,

Jenneke Bakker, Alexey Kuvshinov, Friedemann Samrock, Alexey Geraskin, Oleg Pankratov
Earth Planets and Space
Volume 67 Article 160

Examples are given in the below link.