Source code for resistics.time.writer_internal

import os
import numpy as np
from typing import List

from resistics.time.writer import TimeWriter
from import TimeData

[docs]class TimeWriterInternal(TimeWriter): """Write out binary data files This is simply header files and binary data files. The header file saved is relevant only to this software and needs to be read in using DataReaderInternal. The header file means less processing to read the header information Methods ------- writeDataFiles(chans, timeData) Write out time series data """
[docs] def writeDataFiles(self, chans: List[str], timeData: TimeData) -> None: """Write out data files in internal format Parameters ---------- chans : List[str] List of channels timeData : TimeData The time data """ for idx, c in enumerate(chans): writePath = os.path.join( self.getOutPath(), "chan_{:02d}{}".format(idx, self.extension) ) dataF = open(writePath, "wb") dataF.write([c].astype(self.dtype).tobytes()) dataF.close()