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import sys
import os
import numpy as np
import matplotlib.pyplot as plt
from matplotlib.figure import Figure
from datetime import datetime, timedelta
from typing import List, Dict, Union

from resistics.common.base import ResisticsBase
from import getDataDirsInDirectory
from resistics.common.print import arrayToString
from resistics.common.plot import getViewFonts
from resistics.time.utils import getTimeReader

[docs]class SiteData(ResisticsBase): """Class for holding site information Attributes ---------- timePath : int Path to site time data specPath : float Path to site spectra data statPath : datetime.datetime Path to site stat data transFuncPath : datetime.datetime Path to site transfer function data measurements : List[str] A list of the measurements in the site spectra : List[str] A list of spectra data for the site statistics : List[str] A list of statistics data for the site transferFunctions : List[str] A list of transfer function data for the site siteStart : datetime.datetime The time of the first sample in the site siteEnd : datetime.datetime The time of the last sample in the site readers : Dict Data readers for each measurement starts : Dict Methods ------- __init__(siteName, timePath, specPath, statPath, transFuncPath) Initialise the site data refresh() Refresh site data getSampleFreqs() Get list of unique sampling frequencies in site getMeasurements(sampleFreq=None) Get list of measurements in site, optionally filtered by sampling frequency getMeasurement(meas) Get the dataReader for the measurement getMeasurementSampleFreq(meas) Get the sampling frequency of a measurement in Hz getMeasurementTimePath(meas) Get the path for a measurement getMeasurementSpecPath(meas) Get the path for the spectra of a measurement getMeasurementStatPath(meas) Get the path for the statistics of a measurement getMeasurementTransFuncPath(meas) Get the path for the transfer function data of a measurement getMeasurementStart(meas) Get the time of the first sample of a measurement getMeasurementEnd(meas) Get the time of the last sample of a measurement view(kwargs) View the site data measurement information printList() Class status returned as list of strings """ def __init__( self, siteName: str, timePath: str, specPath: str, statPath: str, maskPath: str, transFuncPath: str, ) -> None: self.siteName: str = siteName self.timePath: str = os.path.join(timePath, siteName) self.specPath: str = os.path.join(specPath, siteName) self.statPath: str = os.path.join(statPath, siteName) self.maskPath: str = os.path.join(maskPath, siteName) self.transFuncPath: str = os.path.join(transFuncPath, siteName) # measurement information self.measurements: List[str] = [] self.spectra: List[str] = [] self.statistics: List[str] = [] self.transferFunctions: List[str] = [] self.siteStart = self.siteEnd = self.readers: Dict = {} self.starts: Dict[str, datetime] = {} self.ends: Dict[str, datetime] = {} self.fs: Dict[str, float] = {} # refresh site data self.refresh()
[docs] def refresh(self): """ Refresh site information""" self.measurements = getDataDirsInDirectory(self.timePath) for meas in self.measurements: # initialise datapath and the various readers datapath = os.path.join(self.timePath, meas) reader = getTimeReader(datapath) if not reader: # then no data found in this directory self.printWarning( "No data found in measurement directory {} for site {}. Please remove this directory".format( meas, self.siteName ) ) continue # otherwise get the reader and information self.readers[meas] = reader self.starts[meas] = reader.getStartDatetime() self.ends[meas] = reader.getStopDatetime() self.fs[meas] = reader.getSampleFreq() # check to see if no data directories were found if len(self.fs) == 0: self.printWarning( "No recognised measurement formats in site {}".format(self.siteName) ) return # start and end time of project if len(self.measurements) != 0: self.siteStart = min(self.starts.values()) self.siteEnd = max(self.ends.values()) # spectra, statistic and transfer function data self.spectra = getDataDirsInDirectory(self.specPath) self.statistics = getDataDirsInDirectory(self.statPath) self.transferFunctions = getDataDirsInDirectory(self.transFuncPath)
[docs] def getSampleFreqs(self) -> List[float]: """Get a list of all the distinct sampling frequencies in the site Returns ------- List[float] List of the unique sampling frequencies in a site """ sampleFreqs = set(self.fs.values()) return sorted(list(sampleFreqs))
[docs] def getMeasurements(self, sampleFreq: Union[None, float, int] = None) -> List[str]: """Get a list of measurements for a site Parameters ---------- sampleFreq : float, int, optional Sampling frequency Returns ------- List[str] List of site time files. If fs is supplied, then only time files with sampling frequency fs. """ if sampleFreq is None: return self.measurements # fs is supplied filteredMeasurements = [] for meas in self.measurements: if self.fs[meas] == sampleFreq: filteredMeasurements.append(meas) return filteredMeasurements
[docs] def getMeasurement(self, meas: str): """Get the data reader of a measurement at a site Parameters ---------- meas : str The name of the measurement Returns ------- DataReader, bool Returns the data reader for the measurement or if the measurement is not found, False """ if self.checkMeasurement(meas): return self.readers[meas] self.printWarning( "Meausrement directory {} for site {} not found".format(self.siteName, meas) ) return False
[docs] def getMeasurementSampleFreq(self, meas: str) -> float: """Get the sample frequency in Hz of a particular measurement at a site Parameters ---------- site : str The name of the site meas : str The name of the measurement Returns ------- float Sampling frequency of site """ return self.fs[meas]
[docs] def getMeasurementTimePath(self, meas: str) -> str: """Get the time data path for a measurement at a site Parameters ---------- meas : str The name of the measurement Returns ------- str Path to the time data for a measurement at the site """ return os.path.join(self.timePath, meas)
[docs] def getMeasurementSpecPath(self, meas: str) -> str: """Get the spectra data path for a measurement at a site Parameters ---------- meas : str The name of the measurement Returns ------- str Path to the spectra data for a measurement at the site """ return os.path.join(self.specPath, meas)
[docs] def getMeasurementStatPath(self, meas: str) -> str: """Get the statistic data path for a measurement at a site Parameters ---------- meas : str The name of the measurement Returns ------- str Path to the statistic data for a measurement at the site """ return os.path.join(self.statPath, meas)
[docs] def getSpecdirMaskPath(self, specdir: str) -> str: """Get the mask path for a particular set of spectra calculations Masks are calculated with relation to sampling frequencies over a whole set of spectra directories. Parameters ---------- specdir : str The spectra set Returns ------- str Path to mask data for the spectra set """ return os.path.join(self.maskPath, specdir)
[docs] def getMeasurementTransFuncPath(self, meas: str) -> str: """Get the transfer function data path for a measurement at a site Parameters ---------- meas : str The name of the measurement Returns ------- str Path to the transfer function data for a measurement at the site """ return os.path.join(self.transFuncPath, meas)
[docs] def getMeasurementStart(self, meas: str) -> datetime: """Get the start time of a particular measurement at a site This returns the time of the first sample for the measurement Parameters ---------- meas : str The name of the measurement Returns ------- datetime.datetime Start time of a measurement at a site """ return self.starts[meas]
[docs] def getMeasurementEnd(self, meas: str) -> datetime: """Get the end time of a particular measurement at a site This returns the time of the last sample for the measurement Parameters ---------- meas : str The name of the measurement Returns ------- datetime.datetime End time of a measurement at a site """ return self.ends[meas]
[docs] def checkMeasurement(self, meas: str) -> bool: """Check if site and measurement are part of the project Parameters ---------- meas : str Name of measurement Returns ------- bool True if measurement exists """ if meas in self.measurements: return True else: return False
[docs] def view(self, **kwargs) -> Figure: """Plot a timeline of the measurements in the site Parameters ---------- figsize : Tuple (width, height), optional The figure size plotfonts : Dict, optional Fonts to use for plotting show : bool, optional Boolean flag for showing """ import matplotlib.dates as mdates from matplotlib.patches import Rectangle import numpy as np from resistics.common.plot import getPlotFonts figsize = kwargs["figsize"] if "figsize" in kwargs else (15, 8) plotFonts = kwargs["plotFonts"] if "plotFonts" in kwargs else getPlotFonts() show = kwargs["show"] if "show" in kwargs else True fig = plt.figure(figsize=figsize) ax = plt.subplot(1, 1, 1) # get xlimits xStart = self.siteStart - timedelta(days=2) xEnd = self.siteEnd + timedelta(days=2) numMeas = len(self.measurements) height = 0.4 for idx, meas in enumerate(self.measurements): idx = numMeas - idx measStart = mdates.date2num(self.starts[meas]) measEnd = mdates.date2num(self.ends[meas]) measWidth = measEnd - measStart yOffset = 0.5 + height rect = Rectangle((measStart, idx - yOffset), measWidth, 2 * height) ax.add_patch(rect) # x axis formatting days = mdates.DayLocator() daysFmt = mdates.DateFormatter("%Y-%m-%d") ax.xaxis.set_major_locator(days) ax.xaxis.set_major_formatter(daysFmt) plt.xlim([xStart, xEnd]) ax.xaxis.grid(True, which="major", ls="--", color="gainsboro") plt.xlabel("Date", fontsize=plotFonts["axisLabel"]) fig.autofmt_xdate(rotation=30) for label in ax.get_xticklabels(): label.set_fontsize(plotFonts["axisTicks"]) # yaxis formatting plt.ylim([0, numMeas]) yticks = np.arange(1, numMeas + 1) ax.set_yticks(yticks) ax.set_yticklabels([]) ax.set_yticks(yticks - 0.5, minor=True) ytickLabels = [] for meas in self.measurements: ytickLabels.append("{}\n{:.1f} Hz".format(meas, self.fs[meas])) ax.set_yticklabels( ytickLabels[::-1], minor=True, fontsize=plotFonts["axisTicks"] ) ax.yaxis.grid(True, which="major", ls="--", color="gainsboro") plt.ylabel("Measurements", fontsize=plotFonts["axisLabel"], labelpad=20) # title plt.title("Site timeline", fontsize=plotFonts["title"]) fig.tight_layout() if show: return fig
[docs] def printList(self) -> List[str]: """Class information as a list of strings Returns ------- out : List[str] List of strings with information """ textLst = [] textLst.append("Site = {}".format(self.siteName)) textLst.append("Time data path = {}".format(self.timePath)) textLst.append("Spectra data path = {}".format(self.specPath)) textLst.append("Statistics data path = {}".format(self.statPath)) textLst.append("TransFunc data path = {}".format(self.transFuncPath)) textLst.append("Site start time = {}".format(self.siteStart)) textLst.append("Site stop time = {}".format(self.siteEnd)) sampleFreqText = ( "No measurement files" if len(self.measurements) == 0 else arrayToString(self.getSampleFreqs()) ) textLst.append("Sampling frequencies recorded = {}".format(sampleFreqText)) # print any measurement directors textLst.append( "Number of measurement files = {}".format(len(self.measurements)) ) if len(self.measurements) > 0: textLst.append( "Measurement\t\tSample Frequency (Hz)\t\tStart Time\t\tEnd Time" ) for meas in self.measurements: textLst.append( "{}\t\t{}\t\t{}\t\t{}".format( meas, self.fs[meas], self.starts[meas], self.ends[meas] ) ) else: textLst.append("No time data files (measurement files) found") return textLst