Source code for resistics.mask.calculator

import os
from datetime import date, time, datetime, timedelta
from typing import List

from resistics.common.base import ResisticsBase
from resistics.common.print import blockPrint, generalPrint, warningPrint
from import ProjectData
from import StatisticData
from import StatisticIO
from import MaskData

[docs]class MaskCalculator(ResisticsBase): """Calculate window masking given constraints Calculate masks for time windows. The window masker reads in statistics and writes out a file with windows which match the given constraints for each statistic. The masked file will then go into the window WindowSelector, which passes on shared windows to the processor. Attributes ---------- proj : Project A Project object maskData : MaskData A MaskData object specDir : str The spectra directory Methods ------- __init__(proj, maskData) Initialise with a Project instance and MaskData instance clearMaskWindows() Clear calculated masks applyConstraints(site) Apply masking constraints printList() Class status returned as list of strings """ def __init__(self, projData: ProjectData, maskData: MaskData, **kwargs) -> None: """Initialise with project and maskData Parameters ---------- proj : ProjectData The project to which masking should be applied maskData : MaskData A MaskData instance """ self.projData = projData # stats is the stat to use self.maskData = maskData self.sampleFreq = maskData.sampleFreq self.specdir: str = "spectra" if "specdir" in kwargs: self.specdir = kwargs["specdir"]
[docs] def clearMaskWindows(self) -> None: """Clear mask windows in maskData object """ self.maskData.maskWindows = {} self.maskData.resetMaskWindows()
[docs] def applyConstraints(self, site: str) -> None: """Apply the masking constraints to find windows to be excluded WindowsSelector will later exclude the masked windows before processing Parameters ---------- site : str The site in the project to mask """ # run through all the statfiles listed siteData = self.projData.getSiteData(site) measurements = siteData.getMeasurements(self.sampleFreq) evalFreqs = self.maskData.evalFreq # create a single statisticIO instance to do the reading statIO = StatisticIO() # loop over stats for stat in self.maskData.stats: # loop over decimation levels for iDec in range(0, self.maskData.numLevels): # loop over measurement folders for meas in measurements: # try and open the file statIO.setDatapath( os.path.join( siteData.getMeasurementStatPath(meas), self.specdir ) ) statData =, iDec) if statData is None: # to next measurement self.printWarning( "No statistic data found for {}, measurement {} and decimation level {}".format( site, meas, iDec ) ) continue numWindows = statData.numWindows winStats = statData.winStats for iW in range(0, numWindows): # now check each window winVals = statData.getStatLocal(iW) # now loop over evaluation frequencies for eIdx, eFreq in enumerate(evalFreqs[iDec]): constraintCheck = True constraintCheckInsideOut = False insideOutFlag = False freqVal = winVals[eIdx] for component in self.maskData.constraints[eFreq][stat]: index = winStats.index(component) componentVal = freqVal[index] lowerLimit = self.maskData.constraints[eFreq][stat][component][0] upperLimit = self.maskData.constraints[eFreq][stat][component][1] test = (componentVal > lowerLimit) and (componentVal < upperLimit) if self.maskData.insideOut[eFreq][stat][component]: test = not test constraintCheckInsideOut = constraintCheckInsideOut or test insideOutFlag = True else: constraintCheck = constraintCheck and test if insideOutFlag: constraintCheck = constraintCheck and constraintCheckInsideOut if not constraintCheck: # if the stat fails, add it - this is a list of windows to exclude self.maskData.maskWindows[eFreq].add( statData.getGlobalIndex(iW) )
[docs] def printList(self) -> List[str]: """Class information as a list of strings Returns ------- out : list List of strings with information """ textLst = [] textLst.append("Sample Frequency [Hz] = {}".format(self.sampleFreq)) textLst.append("Spectra directory = {}".format(self.specdir)) textLst.append("Mask Data information") textLst = textLst + self.maskData.printList() return textLst